Parsimonious Vole

Systemic Functional Linguistics provides a semiotic perspective on language. The text analysis described in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) can be of critical value in real-world applications. But parsing with SFL grammars is computationally intensive task and parsers for this level of description to date have not been able to operate on unrestricted input. This software implements a graph-based method to automatically generate simplified SFL mood and transitivity parses of English sentences from Stanford Dependency parses and a database (PTDB) providing transitivity categories for each verb.

DCAT-AP SHACL expression

The Application Profiles (AP) offered here represent a set of integrity constraints used to check the physical and logical correctness or rationality of a certain dataset. The SHACL specifications for DCAT Application Profile.

RDF fingerprinter

This project offers means to fingerprint an RDF repository and construct a hypothetical Application Profile (AP) it instantiates. Also it allows to make AP diff between two RDF fingerprints.

The RDF fingerprinter is a Python CLI script that can be deployed with Web user interface.

VocBench3 deployment

A set of scripts meant to build and generate Docker containers for SemantiTurkey and VocBench3.

Awesome NLP projects

List of projects related to Natural Language Processing (NLP) that make a geek smile for they exist