Who am I?

Computational Linguist, Semantic Architect,
Software Developer, Researcher, Entrepreneur,
Writer and Gamer

Nifty projects

  • lifecost.ws - Have you ever wondered how much money do you need? Do you know what is your current lifestyle profile and which one would you like to live in 5, 10, 30 years? But more important do you know what is the path from current to the desired lifestyle?
    lifecost.ws is an intelligent agent that will help you not only answer those questions but will also accompany you all the way to achieving your lifestyle goals.
  • exception.today - Record and share what goes unexpectedly pleasant or frustrating in your life as compared to the usual.
  • meaningfy.ws - Unlocking natural language for computers - a natural language understanding (NLU) platform.

Nifty tools

Other Works

  • Awesome NLP projects - A list of projects related to Natural Language Processing (NLP) that make a geek smile for they exist
  • VocBench3 docker - Easy VocBench 3 deployment
  • moldolux.eu - The Moldavia community in Luxembourg
  • sarbaca.org - A Romanian website of a forgotten underwater village in Moldova